If while playing ordinary an dboring erotic games you always wished to end up in the center of events that will lead to great power, intrigues, lust, corruption and ofcourse a great deal of orgy then you are ready to became the Main Character of"Dreams of Desire". This big story embarks as usual - ordinary guy from a puny town is about to make a choice that will define the rest of his life. For some reasons he is obliged to become the student of military school but since he has never wished to be a soldier he is trying to find any way possible to escape such fate. And he will actually find something - an old book which will grant him with lots of opportunities... which comes with a certain price. Now you as a player will help him to decide how much he is willing to pay and see if this all been worth it.
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Hentai Diaries

You study in the high school of a local city. You're a fun, sporty dude who loves to talk to nymphs and be visible. Do you like to spend an active lifestyle and fuck half of schoolgirls. But in order to do this you must find a way to grope the trust in the nymphs. Some nymphs will be ready to fuck with you immediately, others will have to look after giving gifts. So you stand near the school and drape out with a young and huge-chested gal. Suddenly, a local bastard approaches and commences to insult a chick. You kick him in the arse with a kick and he runs away. The gal wants to thank you. You go into the shower and the gal commences to suck on your fat dick and play with the nut sack. And then you fuck her tight gash. Start your adventure right now.

Tags: adult, sex, school, sim
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Steal the Panties

Stealing panties may not be a good idea in the real world but it is one awesome idea for a hentai themed game! So if you are agree with that then you definitely going to like this new game with lost of additional elements and ofocurse a good deal of hentai in it! First of all you won;'t be stealing panties becaus eyou are some prevert - actually this is going to become the section of an epic quest that will mak eyou ther great hero of this fantasy world... or you can focuse on simply stealing panties in case if that's enough motivation for you. Explore locations, have conversations with characters and do a lot of other things that you have done in other games... just don't forget that in all those other games you were not allowed to steal any panties and have your fun!

Tags: hentai, anime, fantasy, funny, cute, panties, quest, humor, choice, topdown, bvarious endings
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Jeff Travels

The protagonist of this RPG flash game - the usual dude whose name is Jeff. He lives an ordinary life that is quiet. In the morning I woke up - in the evening I fell asleep. Jeff has never been with a nymph. And he likes it. But maybe it's time for a change? One day, all the dudes from the village went to war. Jeff was the only man. Maybe this is his chance. Moreover, the beautiful and chesty female has already shown the dude her big tits. It remains to carry out a couple of details and Jeff will be king of the village. So use the mouse and keyboard to interact with the game. Use items to finish quests. As a reward you will fuck chesty nymphs. Depending on the type of nymph will be the complexity of the quest. Help Jeff fuck all the nymphs in the village.

Tags: hentai, game, boobs, hard sex, xxx game, porn game, adult flash game, travels, rpg
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The UPN (demo) Lady of the Death

Did you ever thought that dolls from underworld want to try themselves in porn business too? If you actually did (or if you do now) then you should play this game for sure because here you will become the director of erotic scenes with Crania also known as the Lady of Death! And as you will quickly notice the fact that she has four forearms and for tits will grant her with some additinal features on the shooting stage. You can choos eone of positions and set up the actions that Crania should do - to stay still, to masturbate or to have lovemaking with some demonic loking dude with giant weenie. The more you will progress through teh game the more opportunities you will get to mak eyour scenes more and more exciting. Enjoy the erotic demonstrate of your own creation!

Tags: hentai, big tits, porn, 3d
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Elf courier 0.2

Adventure interactive game during which you go on a mission to examine evil spirits. You may in all probability devote plenty of your time to traveling through the foremost dangerous and remote lands of this wizard kingdom. Needless to say, on your approach you may meet several animals - goblins, Wolves, Chimeras and plenty of others, with whom you may possibly need to fight. However don't worry - the additional battles you get, the quicker the character's level can get bigger. And therefore the quicker the level rises, the longer the sexy cuties can ask for a private meeting with you. And not entirely to administer you a deepthroat however conjointly to administer you the prize you earned. Therefore kill monsters and fuck jummy and curvy beauties within the town tap mansion. Let's do it.

Tags: hentai, adventure, choice, rpg, fanatsy, elf courier
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Monster Ambassador: v0.2.3

Episode 2: Now with tentacles! Press 'Z' to skip through text quickly ----- We're always working on the next segment of Monster Ambassador to include new monsters & features. We want to know what you like, so leave a comment of what you want to see next. -------------------------------- Don't forget to check out our Patreon! You can vote on which monsters should be in the next update, view extra uncensored versions of monsters in-game, and receive cheat codes for gold & progress bonuses!https://www.patreon.com/kiwimelon -------------------------------- Update notes: • 2 new monsters! • New battle mechanic! Befriend monsters to discover your new power • Cheat codes are now available for patrons! • A new adventure area and an additional camp area: water themed + Fixed a bug that kept Tauros on-screen after befriending + Fixed several bugs causing text to cut off-screen + Further compression of game to decrease initial load time Patch notes: + Increased gold drop at start of game + Fixed a bug that said the wrong gendered lamia appeared + Fixed a bug that stopped the uncensored version of the Ambassador appearing for patrons + Fixed a bug that gave patrons benefits from higher tiers

Tags: hentai, monster, adult, rpg
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Price for Freedom: Nailah

"Price for Freedom" is a game based on the web comics with the same title. And just like in the original comics here you will also meet daring heroes, join them in their epic adventures and ofcourse witness close relatinships between them without closed curtains! The game uses same setting but focuses on the other group of characters so if you have already read the comics you still will discover a good deal of interesting moments here. Obviously if you didn't read the comics yet then you definitely should do it in order to get more sophisticated picture of this fantasy world... and to enjoy all hot scenes ofcourse! And don't worry - fucky-fucky scenes are integrated between story events and interacive battles so they won't be the only thing here keeping your interest.

Tags: game, public, newgrounds
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Absolutely Haunting Ch. 1

Any visual novel will become way more exciting if besides visible hentai themes there will be some mystical elements added to the story. And if you are agree with thsi statement then you should play"Absolutely Haunting" right here and now. In this game you will become the part of school club which is into paranormal things for many reasons. You will team up with ultra-cute chicks Gabrielle and Lucy for the next club activity - this weekend you ar egoing to explore the old abandoned school which ofcourse has a lot of haunting rumors about it lately. Is it just some stories is there some part of true in all these rumors or to scare kids? Well, this is what you going to figure out... and probably even to live tot tell about it! Follow the story, make choices at key points of it and see which one of few unique endings they will lead you to.

Tags: hentai, adult, visual novel, ghost, eroge
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