Young college student Shinn Akatsuki returns to his high school as an adviser for the under performing mathematics student, at the apparent request of the principal. Although an impeccable and courteous man on the outside, Shinn hides a very dark side to him: as part of his unending perversion, he enjoys seeing femmes that he considers"out of everyone's league" succumb to him. Never satisfied before, however, he discarded his past victims. But now, Shinn decides to create his"ultimate fuck-fest harem", and with these dark thoughts in mind, and selects the candidates he considers"ideal" as he becomes acquainted with the school: the star of the track and field team, the innocent and tomboyish Makoto Shinjugai, the rich and spoiled tennis player Ritsuko Yasuhiro, the graceful, serious and traditional Satuski Katsuragi, the swimming team's promising, dutiful and charming Aina Aozaki, and the basketball star, Touko Takatsukasa. As he begins his"hunt", Shinn also adds gymnastics instructor Rina Akiyama to his lust after she impresses him with her luscious body and maturity. And thus, under the pretense of a"responsible adviser" and the help of his one remaining past fuck-fest lover, professor Reika Tohno, the protagonist's wicked quest to create his ideal fuck-fest harem begins... Warning: Chrome seems to not be able to play this game. Firefox is always a better choice for playing html5 games.
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Great game

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Baguss ini gamenya

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7 multiрlу bу 2 аdd 4 multiрlу bу 6

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Collect rewards and items in the mail with each battle won, as they will help you evolve your trained fighters. The more you evolve your beautiful warriors, the more their physical appearance changes. And by"changes", we mean"they get super revealing, teasing you endlessly". And, if you can't get out of the headspace these steaming hot visuals have driven you to, the game does feature a helpful"auto" mode that will play the best moves, so you can keep focusing on your latest win- or, you know, whatever is holding your attention.

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Tap2Fuck - Jade

Very exciting and depraved fucky-fucky game. The rules of the game are very simple. Use the keys on the keyboard to fuck beautiful and busty Jade. See how she licks your fat manstick and plays with big balls. Fuck her in the mouth until you pour cum into her deep throat. After that, start fucking Jade in her tight and wet muff. Fuck her over and over again until she reaches a multiple orgasm. Then fuck her in the chocolate eye. Jade screams in pain and sexual pleasure when a fat manstick rips her tight bum in half. Definitely Jade loves deep anal penetration. So if you're ready to do it, then let's start playing right now.

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Dong of Hearts (In-Development)

If the title of this game has reminded on another one very popular videogame series then it is probably because this game was inspired by those game. Here you are going to take part in adventures across multiple different lands in order to save your small tropical island from an evil entity which everyone calls teh Black Mass.. In order to find enough strength to fight back this menace you will have to get help from the princesses of thos elands you are going to travel through. How? By pleasing their sexual desires ofcourse! Because in case you have forgotten this game is supposed to be hentai parody and besides gameplay and story also contains some sexual situations and imagery. And don't forget to support the author if you will enjoy this game enough!

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Another one great erotic game that combines card gameplay and striptease video starring real blonde model! But ofocurse there will be some interesting moments besides that so you won't be playing the classic poker game but alternative version of it. The main idea is that you can see not only your cards but your opponent's cards as well plus you can pick which card to take in exchange on one of your cards when it will be your turn. So obviously you should not only to gather the best possible combination yourself but also to prevent your opponent from doing that. If you will win the round then you will get on the next level and this pretty lady will show you even more of her gorgous body and her seducitve moves... but if you will happen to loose then you will be send on the previous level!

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Tits under Tiles-32

Girls strip on 32! Merge tiles with the same numbers and the same colors. Any 32 is enough to strip this girl.

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Leaugue Of Lust

"Leaugue Of Lust" is a visual novel and as it should be obvious already from the title it is also a parody on very popular videogame "League of Legends" so ofcourse you are going to meet many familiar looking characters here. But non the less you will be living through your own story which you are going to begin as a low-rank warrior who can be easily spend on some suicide and hopeless mission. On the other side this mission is given to you by the king himself so may be... nah, there is no second thoughts here - no one believes that you will succeed but we are pretty sure that you are ready to proove them all are wrong about you! And to cheer you up lets just add that these hot ladies that you will meet during your adventure will provide you with quite exciting rewards...

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Naruto anime porn gallery

As you can tell already from reading the title the main part of this hentai parody is a gallery of awesome and kinky pictures representing the most popualr and sexy characters from"Naruto Shippuden" in the ways that you bearely have seen them seen before. But before you will get the chance to reveal their sexual desires and to figure out what kinky secretss they are hiding you will have to proove yourself being a fan of this series. How are you supposed to do that? Simply - by answering the few quetsions about the series in quiz format! Just pick one of few answer options and if you will manage to pick all of them right then you will get access to dozens and dozens of hentai and erotic themed pictures right away! The nymphs of Konoha are waiting!

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Alien Abduction

Another small but pretty funny movie about some couple who sits in the car. They are going to make out and guy is showing his dick already, when all the sudden aliens come down to Earth.

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