Are you tired of Twilight series? Maybe you also hate the Vampire Diaries? Guys, sorry, this game is about silly Vampires:-RRB- Two girls Sara and Bianca are going to meet some vampire guy named Mr. Bulgur. They will have a lot of bloody fun:)
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Collect rewards and items in the mail with each battle won, as they will help you evolve your trained fighters. The more you evolve your beautiful warriors, the more their physical appearance changes. And by"changes", we mean"they get super revealing, teasing you endlessly". And, if you can't get out of the headspace these steaming hot visuals have driven you to, the game does feature a helpful"auto" mode that will play the best moves, so you can keep focusing on your latest win- or, you know, whatever is holding your attention.

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Sexual Super Powers

The interactive video story can begin with a swimming bath accident, once that the most beau gets some superpowers, that are exposed through his huge and robust erect penis! Therefore the girl who only recently spared his life are the primary one to feel all his powers... however that she is going to positively not be the sole person. Once our hero is completed rewardable his savior, he is aiming to visit his uber-cute light-haired gal solely to search out out that she will be able to use a number of his special powers. And once that is not enough, prepare to witness big monsters with tentacles come back on stage! However don't be concerned - if the monster only maintains 2 turns on lovers as a result of he includes a fuck-it, he is positively reaching to cowl it. Let the game begin.

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Japanese Extraordinary Bukkake

The word japanese was put in the title for a reason - game is made on japanese language so most of the time you will be trying to guess what this or that word means. But don't worry - once the game will begin your attention will be focused on what happens and not what is written below. And the show promises to be really good especially if you always prefered very busty asian chicks in school unifrom being surrounded by hard and ejaculating dicks. To get through the series of extremely hot animated scenes you will need to find an active spot on the screen and click on it - once again scince game's language is japanese you can find this spot simple by clicking all around the game screen. And sure you can expect to see a lot of cumshot in the scenes becuase this girl here seems to be a bukkake fan as well.

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Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

"Quickie" is a series of hentai visual novels for all who like sthem but don't have too much to spend on them. And today you are going to try your chances with Toshiko. You will meet Toshiko while she was looking for her cat at the park area. Just like in any visual novel you will not only follow the story by reading the dialogs and enjoying well-done artworks but also will make decisions form time to time. You will be choosing from just two options and few times during the game but this will define the ending that you will get. It is quite possible to get a"bad ending" which means taht you won't see any hentai content at all! So do your best and try to get what is called a"happy ending". And don't forget that there are other games with other femmes in this game series which you can always find on our website.

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. It features a large variety of options and scenes as well as 4 different clickable hotspots on the girl's body (covered melons, grabbed left funbag and grabbed right funbag, cooch ).. It comes with a brand new set of sound effects.. It offers 17 different camera views, some of which are automatically directed by the game's coding for extra visual impact.. It is formed by several models working in"backstage" synchronicity (like the completely different face designs, funbag designs etc).. It showcases a bunch of new design approaches, such as the way we designed the cum, the dozen separate but coordinated cooch components etc... It offers a very detailed model design and very detailed animations.. It includes both cut-scene animations and internal dialogues.. A new generation menu system had to be created to allow for both the way the scene flows and supporting such a great number of different options.

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Lola Adventure The beginning

This is the very first chapter of Lola's by all means exciting adventures. Lola is one pretty and seem to be very ordinary girl. Why did we said that she is only 'seem to be ordinary'? Well, the thing is Lola was cursed by some powerful entity and this curse makes males around her to go complete crazy while wishing for one thing only - to fuck Lola! Ofcourse it brings quite a lot of troubles for our horine pretty much every day so no wonder that she is desperately seaking for the cure and for that she will have to go for a long travel during which she will get fucked many times by many different creatures! She will find herself a friend who will help in searchings and sometimes even take care of the crazy males by herself since she will happen to be near.

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Demon Lord

This is one absolutely fantastic story which has happened with two cute looking nekogirls who dared to use the protal to Hell in order to find and to deal with some powerful demon. But as we have just sad this demon is powerful so what chances do a couple of cuties could have against him? That's right - none! And while one of these nekogirls have somehow managed to escape the other one was caught and from now on she is being held in the prison cell and being used as sex slave... and this is when the actual gameplay begins and as you have probably already guessed in this story you will be playing as the demon and it will be up to you to train this nekogirl into a perfect sex slave day by day having work, discipline and sextoys as your main tools!

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Meet and fuck Leila

Are you ready tonight for a new sexual adventure? Do you see that pretty babe next to a bar table. Her name is Leila. Just look at her big boobs! Wanna touch them? Then you need to pick her up. Come to Leila and try to talk. Be smart enough and take her to your home. I think It will be a hot night with a hot babe.

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